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Community Advocacy and Supports’ (CAS) primary focus is to empower individuals and/or their families so that individuals have more control in the decisions that affect their lives.  The foundation of this system is self- determination.  The intake coordinator establishes eligibility for county board services.  If ineligible, the individual is linked to other service agencies within the community.  If determined eligible, the individual will begin the person centered planning process by being linked with the Service and Support Administration department.


Investigation and reporting of major unusual incidents (MUI).  The MUI Investigative Agent reviews and monitors all incident reports generated both from residential, day programming and county board service areas.  When an MUI is identified, it is investigated and, when needed, proper authorities are notified; this includes the reporting of such occurrences to the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities within 24 hours of knowledge of the incident.  In case of emergencies, there is a cell phone number available 24 hours per day.  This number is shared during individual’s annual planning meeting and is given on the Opportunity Center’s telephone’s after hours greeting.  Technical assistance will be given in crisis situations.

Link with local advocacy groups, such as Individual’s for UNITY, Kiwanis Aktion Club, Advocates Coming Together (ACT) Council (formerly Parent Council), and the Ohio Self Determination Association - Northwest Chapter in order to further empower individuals and families served by the Opportunity Center. 


Our Special Olympic Program is coordinated through the CAS department as well as the after-hours and weekend activities program. 


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