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The School of Opportunity offers children ages five through twenty-one comprehensive educational services structured to meet the academic, vocational, social, physical and emotional needs of the student.  It is designed to maximize each child’s level of functioning in all areas of development, to strengthen families to access community supports and to promote self-determination so that children and their families become better self-advocates.  The program features a general education curriculum which blends the academic content standards with functional, community-based activities for student training and Individualized Educational Plan. (IEP)


Vocational training options feature classroom, center and community-based job sites.  Job development, placement and coaching are offered based on the student’s ability level and vocational interest.

The Help Me Grow Early Intervention (HMG EI) program Help Me Grow, located in the Family Learning Center at Sentinel and the Early Childhood Center of Fostoria, offers comprehensive service coordination, evaluation, referral and infant stimulation play groups for infants and toddlers from birth to age three and their families.  Family support, parent education and transition services are also available to families.  An Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) identifying specific outcomes is designed to empower families and promote each child’s development and skill acquisition. 


Ancillary services may include, but are not limited to, language development, occupational and physical therapies, health care and adaptive physical education.  Supports are provided as identified in the student’s IEP or the child’s IFSP.


Home Based services consist of home instruction for those infants, children or young adults who are unable to attend scheduled sessions at the regular program sites.  Services are offered in the child’s natural setting and at a time convenient for the child and the family.


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