Welcome to the on-line portion of the 2020 staff in-service.  All staff are required to watch the five videos described below.  To view each video click the button.  All videos should be completed prior to attending your department’s in-person training.


Video #1 – MUI Rule Review and Health & Welfare Alerts (21 minutes)

            Investigative Agent Patrick Del Turco reviews MUI rules and definitions and reviews health and welfare alerts published by DODD in the last year.


Video #2 – Social Media & HIPAA (20 minutes)

            HR Director Kimberly Groth reviews SCOC social media do’s and don’ts.  Following this is a brief video explaining how to avoid common HIPAA violations.


Video #3 – Health Precautions & Back Safety (24 minutes)

            The regular bloodborne pathogens review is here, but first are a review of proper handwashing technique and a video explaining the role of masks in slowing the spread of Covid-19. The last section reviews proper lifting and back safety.


Video #4 – Americans with Disabilities Act (24 minutes)

            Ohio DODD Director Jeff Davis opens with a brief acknowledgment of the 30th anniversary of the ADA.  Next is a review of employment law under the ADA, followed by a video explaining how the ADA changed our built world.


Video #5 – Self Advocacy (8 minutes)

            Self advocates from Seneca STIR explain what self-advocacy means to them.

If there are any questions please contact Kimberly Groth at kgroth@senecadd.org or SCOC phone extention 1124.

Video #6 - From In-Person In-Service

This video has content from the second portion of the annual in-service and is available here for staff who did not attend this portion of the in-service in person.